The IdeaPad is a refreshingly energizing and comfortable environment designed to facilitate new and inspired thinking, not stifle it. But it’s not just the feel that makes it work; equally important is a function that is tailored to these types of meetings.

In creative meetings you want your surroundings to adapt to your needs. At different times, you may want everyone together or want them in smaller groups of different sizes. One big group is better for building and discussing ideas whereas several smaller groups will generate more ideas. The IdeaPad has a variety of table sizes and configurations that are all adaptable and movable. The space morphs to your needs, not the other way around.

Ideas require wall space and a clean palate. A room covered with lots of pictures takes away the space you need to post up new ideas for others to see, combine and select. The IdeaPad features expanses of smooth white brick, a huge magnetic white board, 148 square feet of tackable wall boards and two large, double-sided rollable whiteboards.

People are refreshed by movement and variety. By offering three different heights of seating in different parts of the room, attendees are refreshed as they move to a new feel and a new orientation to the room. Don’t believe us - sit in a different chair at your dinner table tonight. You’ll see what a fresh perspective it provides.

Many people do their best thinking when they’re moving. These so-called kinetic thinkers generate ideas best while they walk around, rock, spin, lean or pace, or walk around while they’re thinking and developing ideas. There’s a reason people gather at kitchen islands during parties - it’s the most comfortable place and structure to share conversation and ideas.

If that weren’t enough, The IdeaPad is located in the heart of Stillwater in the 100+ year old Smithson Building. Brick walls, wood floors, tin ceilings and postcard views of Stillwater from every window build a subtle expectation that something creative will happen while you’re here. It will for your team, too.


The Idea-Pad was designed by an ideation expert, who after twenty years of trying to modify other spaces to fit his needs, developed a space that is specifically designed for brainstorming sessions, strategic off-sites, training and other gatherings that require new and different thinking.

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